CD1/MD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoists

CD1/MD1 Electric Wire Rope Hoists
No 8 Songyuan South Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu, 211300, China
Warranty:1 year


•Compact and smart structure, light weight, occupy less space to store
•Smooth, convenient and ergonomic operation with excellent performance
•Safe and reliable, environmental-friendly with low noise and less pollution
•Adopt low headroom design and elegant appearance and long service life span
•Three-in-one lifting motor with A Column rotor with strong power for use
•Offer limit switch limiting model operating safely and load limiter protection
•With remote control is available for easy and convenient control from long distance
•High efficiency, improved travelling system and wire rope guider tested strictly
•Adopt engineering plastic material, lighter, less wear to wire rope foe durability
•Strong lifting capacity, easy to maintenance and provide great after-sale service
•Common-used parts, universal and strong compatibility, comfortable use
•Adopt FEM standards, advanced concepts and high technology producing process
•Novel and Humanization products enjoy top quality reputation among markets
•Efficient high lifting speed, stead low lifting speed, precise positioning
Capacity 0.5Ton-20Ton
Standard Lift 6 m
Use Lifting Up/Down, Traversing Left/Rights
Drive Mode Motor
Condition new
Sling Type Wire Rope
Warranty 1 year
Certification CE, ISO9001
Operation With pedant cable push button or remote control
Power source electric
Material steel structure
Color optional
Service training and overseas maintenance
Custom design available
Power Supply 220v-700v, 50/60 Hz, 3 phase, single or dual voltage
Control Voltage 24v, 36v, 42v, 48v, 110v
H.S. Code 84251100
Package plywood case

Electric Wire Rope Hoists are specific type of electrically powered hoists which use wire ropes as opposed to the usual steel chain used on standard electric hoists, which are designed for heavy duty lifting applications. Electric wire rope hoists utilize wire rope as the lifting medium often powered electrically, which are made up of a rope storage drum, motor(s), gear box and braking system with universal basic but strong configuration. Besides, with advanced technologies, the design of variable frequency control of electric wire rope hoists used to reduce the impact force and realize accurate positioning.
These electric wire rope hoists are originally invented by Soviet. Although they have a long history and out fashioned, they are still popular in developing countries because of their low price and high quality. These standard types of electric rope hoist (Standard Headroom / Monorail Wire-Rope Hoist) are typically used on single girder overhead crane systems. They come complete with their own incorporated trolley system which sits on the bottom beam/girder flange. Standard headroom hoists are normally utilized where there is no working height restrictions under the beam. This is because the hoist is suspended below the beam and therefore decreases the maximum height of lift of the crane. The fixing eyebolts allow the hoist fixing on a frame as a double girder trolley or in a suspended execution.
Wire rope electric hoists are developed on the basis of CD, MD, We will provide complete maintenance –free full body design less wear and tear components making maintenance more convenient. The driving unit of electric wire rope hoists adopts China's advanced point line meshing gear structure. The overall structure is compact and reasonable and easy to use. With safe and efficient operation, the can meet the requirements of low noise and low environmental protection. Equipped with the intelligent security operation monitoring recorder, such as the "black box" on the aircraft, can record the work status without interruption to prevent non-professional operation.
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