heater tip;Precision Intelligent IC card enamelled wire spot welding heads

heater tip;Precision Intelligent IC card enamelled wire spot welding heads
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ShouChuang the special welding head of enamelled wire spot welder machine: it have Plane shape, Inclined plane shape, V shape, spherical shape and when welding will have the characteristics of welding point shine, reliable, stable, less signal attenuation precision process, the welding tip connection surface is tiny, beautiful welding surface, lower voltage, welding effect is efficient and the welding point is stable. Moreover, our Ti/Mo/Tungsten alloy has the advantage of welding point stable and long service life. Welding the enamelled wire, gold wire, Copper wire, aluminum foil doesn't solder and scaling powder, and follows the request of ROHS: it can reach 0.05square millimeter and have high uniformity ,it doesn't have the poor Soldering. The enameled wire welding needn't wipe paint in advance and remove paint welding in one step, transmission interference of high frequency signal is small, the point of temperature and humidity and vibration is higher than the ordinary solder, with automatic welding platform more efficient., We will aim at different request of welding process, according to the detailed welding demands of customer to freely design the welding head which customer needs
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