ST200 Crawler Self Propelled Mining Drill Rig Machine For Mineral Exploration

ST200 Crawler Self Propelled Mining Drill Rig Machine For Mineral Exploration
Xiaoshang Village, Yingli Town, Jinzhou City, Hebei Province, China
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ST200 crawler self propelled mining drill rig Machine for Mineral exploration

Technical Parameter

ST-200 Type
Drill Swivel Head
Drilling depth

Spindle speed

115 230 505 1010r/m
Hole diameter

Max.300m Spindle stroke 450kmm
Drill rod diameter 42mm Spindle pull-down Max.15KN
Angle range 90-75 Spindle lifting capacity Max. 25KN
Oil pump Water pump
Model YBC-20/125 Model Horizontal reciprocating single-acting piston pump
Rated pressure 12.5Mpa Working pressure Max. 1.2Mpa
Flow speed 20ml/r

Rated speed 2000r/min

Hoist Power(diesel)
Max. lifting capacity 20KN Model(diesel engine ZS1115
Hoisting drum revolution Rated power 16.2KW
Drum diameter 140mm Rated speed 2200r/m
SIZE 1730*860*1360mm

Advantage of mining drill rig Machine

★ Hydraulic feeding mechanism can improve drilling efficient,reducing labor work
★ The rig equipped with a ball on a cassette holding mechanism and a six driving drill pipe.double guide,the drilling rod can be replaced without shutdown ------------high efficient,convenient operation,safe and reliable
★ Equipped with hole bottom pressure indicator, you can know the situation inside the hole
★ Handle centered ,convenient operation
★ The drilling machine has the advantage of compact structure,small volume, light weight,convenient move, suit for mountain and plain areas.
★ Adopting large drive pipe,double guide rod, increase the steady
Diesel engine or Electrical motor.
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