PCD grooving tools

PCD grooving tools
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PCD Grooving Tools
Specification of PCD Grooving Tools
PCD grooving tools also be called Diamond grooving tools, Slotting cutter,Grooving tool,natural diamond tools ect.
More Super Hard’s PCD tool Angle has 35 °, 40 °, 30 °, 45 °, 50 °, 55 °, 60 °, 65 °, 70 ° and 75 °, 80 °, 90 ° ect.
Advantage of PCD Grooving Tools
a)Quality advantages
The cutter head material selection of world-class polycrystalline diamond (PCD) material manufacturers, and the precision of silver brazing process, cutting edge and the groove are fine after special treatment, and after the Swiss professional PCD precision grinding grinding molding, ensure the tool’s sharpness and precision.
b) Surface treatment advantages, our company PCD tools body adopts special rust prevention dispose, after this the color will become yellow , after you long-term use will not rust, always keep the new PCD tools state!  
c) The price advantage.our company PCD tools has a stable long service life, slotting quality incomparable, competitive price is your best choice!
Application machine of PCD Grooving Tools
high precision slitting machine, simple and convenient programming, especially the LBR - 370, LB4000Ex - R,This two kinds of special game by many customers.
Of course also have the Japanese SEN precision machine, lift grams of CNC slot machine and so on.PCD groving tools usually applies to Japan NTC’s Wire wheel,contact wheel and prescribing main roller, directional wheel, guide wheel, wheel touch slot ect, also can be used for similar products or slot using the products of the same material.
Application of PCD Grooving Tools
PCD tools mainly used for photovoltaic industry idler pulley, slotted knife roller slot, its service life is much longer than traditional carbide cutting tools, the service life of the normal in 26-50 hours or longer.
Grooving quality is very high, open groove type of stable, Angle is accurate!Good groove side roughness and no burr, can be continuous use, help you to solve thoroughly the wire wheel, wheel of contact and prescribing the main roller, such as directional wheel, guide wheel, wheel touch parts of slot problem.
Make your production efficiency at least more than 5 times, discarded decreased to zero.
Is currently the world's most advanced, the most efficient and the most sophisticated slotting tool!
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