PCD Cutting Tool Blanks

PCD Cutting Tool Blanks
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PCD Cutting Tool Blanks
More SuperHard PCD cutting tool blanks in the size of 5μm、10μm and 25μm can be used in super-fine processing and fine.
The standard specification of PCD blanks for cutting tools is circular, and can be processed into rectangular, square, triangular, fan-shaped and semicircular specifications according to user requirements.
Our More company has laser cutting machine and line cutting machine and other cutting processing equipment, can not subject to the product thickness limit, according to customer requirements cutting into a variety of special specifications of products.

Our PCD blanks has 5 microns, 10 microns and 25 microns of particle size, which are respectively used in ultra-precision machining, precision machining and rough machining.
Advantages of PCD tools
long tool life;
Consistent surface accuracy to reduce machine downtime;
High quality of workpiece, excellent size control;
Increase production per unit time;
High material cutting rate;
Reduced the production cost of each piece;
The grinding process is omitted and the efficiency is high.
Polycrystalline diamond cutters usually have a life of 50 to 250 times that of conventional carbide cutters.
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