Wood Board Jointer Press Machine (Belt Conveyor)

Wood Board Jointer Press Machine (Belt Conveyor)
Niujiazhuang Industrial Park, Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China
Category:Other Woodworking Machinery


High frequency Wood Board Jointer Press Machine with Belt Conveyor

Product Application

High frequency conveyor belt board jointing machine applied to a variety of specifications of jointing of furniture plate, jointing of integrated plate, wooden door sealing side, jointing of L-type door lines and so on. Use touch screen operation, PLC automatic control simply and easily. Adopting conveyor belt automatic feeding and discharging, It can joint continuously infinite long plate, reduce artificial, save time and effort.
The electrical components of it are imported, the quality is reliable and it is running stable after debugging and strict inspection.

Main Features

High heating rate and efficiency
Uniform heating
Easy control of heating process
Being heating selective
Biostimulation, sterilization and electrotherapy
Automatic production, low labor
Environmental protection, dust and smog free
Safe, no radiation

Model GPB-56-DT-L GPB-80-DT-L
Control Mode PLC touch screen program automatic control
Minimum Gluing Size(mm) 1220*2440 1220*4500
Maximum Gluing Thickness (mm) ≤80 ≤80
Total Pressure (Ton) 56 80
HF Output Power (KW) 20 50
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