Automatic Cards-matching Machine model PF

Automatic Cards-matching Machine model PF
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Nov 14, 2018
Machine introduces:
This machine is mainly used for cutting of various types of cards. It not only has high efficiency but also has very high cutting accuracy, so it can cut cards and poker cards of different specifications, and ensure the order of printing not changed, and collect the cards in its designed number order. It is the professional equipment for poker and playing cards manufacturing.
The machine is automatic for whole production process: automatic feeder, automatic cutting, automatic collecting poker or cards. It is safety in operation and simple for operating with stable in performance.

The step of producing cards:
1.Cards-matching 2. Edge punching 3. Optional: hole drilling

Main configuration:
Hydraulic system: S.Y (made in Taiwan)
PLC: Panasonic (made in Japan)
Micro camera: Panasonic (made in Japan)
Electrical components: Schneider (made in France)
Transformer: Panasonic (made in Japan)

Main technical parameter:
Model: PF-760 / PF-1040
Max. Sheet Size: 760*600mm / 1040*720mm
Min. Sheet Size: 450*550mm / 720*560mm
Max. Card Size: 65*90mm / 90*120mm
Min. Card Size: 50*65mm
Sheet Thickness: 250-800gsm
Best Production Speed: 3000decks/h / 5000decks/h
Total Power: 7kw / 8.9kw
Power: 380V/50Hz
Dimensions: 3250*4350*1400mm / 5020*5230*1950mm
Total Weight: 3500kgs / 4000kgs