Cemented Carbide Roll Rings For Prefinishing And Block Milling Stands

Cemented Carbide Roll Rings For Prefinishing And Block Milling Stands
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Cemented carbide roll rings (also known as tungsten carbide roll ring) possesses good thermal conduction property.Compared with other materials,it is much better in terms of heat-resistance,wear-resistance and strength.What ’s more,its hardness reduces a little under the condition of high temperature.So ,the cemented carbide roll rings is invented with the ap-pearance of high speed wire rod mill.With the development and improvement,it is widely applied in the production of high speed wire,bar and deformed steel bar.

Product Description
Product Name:customized tungsten carbide wire guide roller carbide rolls
Status:stress release,HIP sintered
Grade:YGRH30,YGRH45,YGRH55,YGRH60,YGR30,YGR40,YGR45,YGR55 etc
Specification:customized or standard
Surface treatment:blank,ground,polished&as requirement
Feature :Hard hardness,wear resistance,corrosion resistance,toughness,shock resistance

The allowable deviation of Tungsten Cemented carbide mill roll :
Radial runout of groove ≤0.013mm
Radial runout of periphery ≤0.013mm
End face runout ≤0.02mm
End face planeness ≤0.01mm
End face parallelism ≤0.01mm
Inner hole cylindericity ≤0.01mm
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