Dual-axis Gun drilling Machine Tool

Dual-axis Gun drilling Machine Tool
Room 501 Building 3B, Yuhua Optoelectrical Technology Industry Park, No 36 Weiyi Road, Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710086, China
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Processing Method: outside chip removing; gun drill

Hole Diameter(mm): Φ1.5~Φ8

Hole Depth(mm): 500 (Draw Ratio≤100)

NC System: GSK980TDC / FANUC OI Mate TC

Drill Pipe: high speed mechanical spindle; frequency control; simultaneously rotating and


Workpiece: constant speed rotation

Guide Sleeve: axial restraint

Workpiece Clamping: based on the top of tail and cone disc of guide sleeve, to accurately

orientate workpiece by chamfer of the two sides;

pneumatic stretch out and draw back to fasten the workpiece.


Processing Ability:

Number of Spindle(pcs): 2
Hole Diameter(mm): Φ5~Φ8
Hole Depth(mm): ≤500
Diameter Range of Workpiece(mm): ≤Φ50
Length Range of Workpiece(mm): ≤500
Processing Accuracy:

Hole Skewness: ≤5/1000 (workpiece rotating)
≤1.0/1000(workpiece fixed)

Dimensional Accuracy of Drill Pipe: IT7~IT11
Hole Rugosity: Ra0.4~Ra1.6
Hydraulic System

Max Volume of Flow(L/min): 2X20 (dual-axis)
Max Pressure(Mp): 16
Filtering Accuracy(um): 10
Oil Storage Capacity(L): 960
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