ZK2115*4B/300 CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine

ZK2115*4B/300 CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Room 501 Building 3B, Yuhua Optoelectrical Technology Industry Park, No 36 Weiyi Road, Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710086, China
Category:Drilling Machines
Processing capacity
Drilling hole diameterrange: Φ5~15mm
The max of Drilling depth:       300     
Number of main spindle:        four
Spindle spacing:               140
Automatic loading and unloading system:
1. Workpiece Clamping length range:  80~250mm (automatic loading and unloading)

2. Workpiece Clamping diameter range:≤50mm(automatic loading and unloading)

3. Workpiece shape:A suitable external shape similar to the one in the drawings

4. Automatic loading belt size:(To be determined, to meet the length of 80 ~ 250mm, diameter ≤ 50mm parts loading and unloading requirements)

5. Loading mode:automatic loading, V "type iron conveyor belt by 2 sprocket drag, Servo motor drive, CNC-control,To achieve automatic loading and unloading machine tools, The four workpieces in the work area correspond to the four spindles of the machine tool.

6. Machine protection: The host is totally enclosedprotective design. Of which, protection of the automatic loading and unloading system and protection of the whole machine are designed and produced based on 300mm maximal part clamping length.
Processing speed
1. Maximum work speed : 5000           r/min
2.Work speed:                 145           r/min
3.Feed force:                   0~500         /min
4.Fast forward speed:             ≤2000         /min

 Machining accuracy
Drilling skewness:    ≤0.5/1000      Processing hole depth( when the workpiece is rotating, draw ratio is less than 100 times,  reference material 45#, modulation treatment)
Drilling accuracy:            IT7~IT11        (reference material 45#, modulation treatment)
 Drilling roughness:         Ra0.8~Ra6.3      (reference material 45#, modulation treatment)

Part material: 16MnCrS5
Inner bore dimension tolerance: 9.90 0 -0.05; (see work piece diagram)
Coaxiality of inner hole and work piece excircle(Measurement datum A): ≤0.1mm/100mm
Requirements before processing the work piece bore:
Coaxiality between excirclebevel in two ends of the work piece(Positioning datumB,C) and work piece φ27.7(Measurement datum A)excircle is 0.01mm.

1,Motor Power of drill pipe:      5.5*2               KW    Variable-frequency drive
Motor Power of oil pump:     7.5*2               KW    Variable-frequency drive
3,Motor Power of Cooling machine   4                KW
4,Feed motor torque:           7                 Nm
Hydraulic system
1.Maximum flow                160               L/Min
2. Maximum pressure            10                 MPa
3. Filtration accuracy             20                 um
4. Oil reserve                  1360                L

Size and Weight
Floor space ( Length x Width x Height)     4200*3500*1800     mm
2.Height to ground                        1070               mm
3.Height to guideway                       297                mm
4. Distance of principal axis :               140                mm
5. Weight:                                5                  T
6.Weight of hydraulic systems:                2.0                T
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