Fe based amorphous ribbon material used for transformer core

Fe based amorphous ribbon material used for transformer core
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Product Introduction
The Iron Based Amorphous Ribbon is made by the composition of 80%Fe, 20%Sic and B-metal elements materials and formed by strip-casting technology.
With high permeability, low loss and ideal stability, it can meet modern electronic product's requirements in high frequency, large current, small size and energy saving, and can also replace silicon steel, perm alloy and ferrite in electricity utility and electronic products.

Performance Index Rate Performance Index Rate
Saturation flux density Bs (T) 1.56 Saturation magnetostriction λs 27*10^-6
Curie temperature Tc(℃) 410 Density d(g/cm^3) 7.18
Crystallization Tx(℃)  535 Resistivity ρ(Ωm²/m) 130
Hardness HV Kg/mm^2 960 Coercivity Hc(A/m) <4

Zhongyue VS Hitachi
1K101 Bs/T Br/T Hc/(A/m) Ss/(W/kg) Ps/(VA/kg)
Zhongyue Before annealing 1.08 0.8 3.91 1.33 0.45
Hitachi 1.01 0.75 5.76 2.4 0.32
Zhongyue After annealing
1.56 1.21 2.09 0.2 0.15
Hitachi 1.56 1.13 1.93 0.072 0.11

Performance Advantages & Feature
High saturation flux density-- to reduce winding turns, minimize product size

High resistivity, low coercivity--to improve production performance

Low loss(1/3 to 1/5 of silicon sheet)--to cool temperature, improve efficiency
Low excitation--decrease no-load current, and noise

Adjustable permeability--adopt different heat treatment process according to different requirement
High temperature stability--long-term operation under 130° C

Production Workshop
All production and manufacture procedures are under strict control.
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