240L Oil Spill Kits

240L Oil Spill Kits
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JXY 240LTR Oil and Fuel Spill Kits include hydrophobic absorbent materials which repel water, therefore enabling the absorption of oil and fuel based products around water, without absorbing the water itself.Ideal for outdoor use and where hydrocarbons are the main and likely contaminant such as hydraulic hoses, fuel stores and marinas.

JXY 240LTR Oil and Fuel Spill Kits are contained in a yellow wheelie bin and includes sorbents which are white in colour.

Spill Kit Contents:
100 x Oil Absorbent Pads
10 x Oil Absorbent Sock(7.6cm*1.2m)
1 x Oil Absorbent Granule
4 x Oil Absorbent Sock(7.6cm*3.6m)
4 x Oil Absorbent Pillow(25cm*25cm)
3 x Oil Absorbent Pillow(45cm*45cm)
1 x PPE
6 x Disposal Bags & Ties


Easy to use pads, pillows and socks make clean up of spills quick and easy
Absorption capacity up to 240L
Packed in portable wheelie bin
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