Fireproofing Oil Spill Boom

Fireproofing Oil Spill Boom
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The fireproofing oil spill boom not only has the feature of the conventional booms which can intercept ,control and transfer oil spills, but also can be used to intercept burning oil spills and running fires on waters to prevent fires from spreading. It particularly suitable for oil ports and wharfs, offshore drilling platforms and other sensitive areas where high fire rating is required. The fire boom can also be used to trail oil spills to an appropriate location for burning and disposal.

Main Features
•The stainless steel buoys and flexible materials which can resist temperatures up to 1,000°C make up a waterborne fireproofing system.
•The underwater skirt is a double-layer, high strength fabric coated with the high quality flame retardant rubber.
•A solid tensile system is composed of the stainless steel cable, high tensile strengthening ribbon and tensile ballast chains.
•Can be used in series connection with conventional booms and can be used repeatedly.
•Supplied with the fire boom storage racks in the standard sizes for the convenience of transport and storage.





Max.Working Tensile Strength(KN):50,60

Max.Wave Height To Withstand(m):0.8,1

Max.Wind speed to Withstand(m/s):10,15

Max.Current speed to withstand(Kn):1.5,2

Storage Rack(m):4.8*2*0.45,4.8*2.2*0.5
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