100% Polyester Cotton Pocket Fabric

100% Polyester Cotton Pocket Fabric
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Polyester Cotton Pocket Fabric

Brief Information

Our polyester pocket fabric includes plain and herringbone style, specialized from grey fabric, bleaching fabric and dyeing fabric. You can choose the fabric weaving by shuttle loom, air jet loom, water jet loom or rapier loom.


45% polyester, 55% cotton;
65% polyester, 35% cotton;
80% polyester, 20% cotton;
90% polyester, 10% cotton;


Style: Simplicity and fashion
Natural environmental protection green fabrics without stimulation.
Flexible fabrics feel soft and comfortable.
High quality whole process reactive dyeing and finishing, light, fresh color, good color fastness, low shrinkage.
Color: Greige, white, black or according you order
Processing facilities: Dyeing, Bleaching, Printing, Stitching and Packing.
Process requirements: Full process (include singeing and mercerizing) or according to customers requirements.
Dye: disperse dyes, direct dyes, reactive dyes and vat dyes available.


pocketing, pants and jeans pocket ,lining, interlining, shirt, pants, slacks, skirts, waistband , worker garment, Arabian thobe ,school uniform,home textile and etc.


Item No. Composition Yarn Count Density Width Style Loom
HS809 CVC55/45 45X45 133X72 63’’ plain Shuttle loom Air-jet loom
HS810 45X45 110X76 63’’
HS811 45X45 96X72 63’’
HS812 T65/C35
45X45 133X72 63’’
HS813 45X45 110X76 63’’/47’’
HS814 45X45 96X72 63’’/47’’
HS815 45X45 88X64 63"/47’’
HS816 T80/C20 45X45 133X72 63’’
HS817 45X45 110X76 63’’/47’’
HS818 45X45 96X72 63’’/47’’
HS819 45X45 88X64 63’’/47’’
HS820 T90/C10 45X45 110X76 63’’
HS821 45X45 96X72 63’’
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