tube honing machine

tube honing machine
Warranty1 year
CategoryHoning Machines
DWH Series Tube Honing Machine
1 Description
1 Spindle system
Spindle motor utilizes German original variable speed motor with friction plate, through the three transformation grade of a gear box , it is easy to adjust the spindle speed , spindle motor with brake function can eliminate the phenomenon of the hole wall scratched at the end of honing .
2, Spindle Tank reciprocating motion
Reciprocating motion motor adopts servo motor of the United States, drive by chain link. You can adjust the length of Reciprocating motion , based on the length of workpiece , according to the situation of workpiece machining accuracy at the same time, to pause short stroke on both ends of the workpiece.
3 The stone feed system
Adopt servo motor rotation-gear rack mechanical feed mode, the high precision of the servo motor resolution can be precisely controlled feeding . Pinion and rack self-locking function ,on the other hand, can effectively repair the inner hole accuracy and energy consumption will be greatly reduced.
4 Display format
Siemens touch screen mode display can convenient man-machine interface operation. Display content not only has the menu of installation and operation under the states of manual and automatic, and can even show honing head pressure, time and stroke speed honing machine working condition.
Spindle load table shows parts top and bottom of the inner holes so that the operator adjust honing parameters

2 Honing range
1 ID: STD ID ф2.5-450MM, customization to 1000mm
2. Length: STD 2M, 3M,4M,6M,8M, customization to 10000mm
3 Reciprocating
1 motor power 4.2KW
2 Stroke speed: 1-40M/min

4 Electrical control system
Siemens S7series PLC control system
5 Clamp :
1standard machine with V fixture
2 The maximum clamping diameter is 550mm
3 Chain clamping

6S pindle
1 Siemens motor , 5.5/4 KW
2 Spindle speed : 10-350RPM
3 Three mechanical shifts and variable speed in friction plate

7 Stone feed
1 Mitsubishi servo motor , 0.4 KW .
2Automatic stone feed
3 Multi-function load setting including work load, safety load, alarming load and no spark grinding load etc .

8 Power Request
380V, 50HZ,3Phase 0.3Mpa

9 Cooling system
1STD cooling tank Volume: 300L , filter by magnetic sepatator
2Customized: Optional DNO-A, Magnetic roller tape filter

10 The rechnology Parameters
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