Rack Mount EDFA high power erbium-doped optical fiber signal amplifier

Rack Mount EDFA high power erbium-doped optical fiber signal amplifier
Guanglong S & T Zone, No.8 High-tech Industry Park Chaoyang Road, Guilin, Guangxi, 541004, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Fiber Optic Equipment
Rack Mount EDFA is a high quality optical amplifier. Different from OEO, it can directly amplify the signal of multi-wavelength from the C-band to effectively extend the transmission distance when the optical signal is not enough to meet the requirement of the optical transmission distance. EDFA can work with other equipment (such as DWDM,OADM,DCM and OTU)together to construct the complete optical network transmission system.

Modularized design, Compact size, Support hot Plug.
High gain, Low noise, Low gain flatness.
Adjustable gain.
Gain can be adjustable. Working mode options: APC, AGC, ACC etc.

Fiber backbone network long-distance transmission amplification
Optical signal power amplification before optical signal split flow.
Optical signal power amplification before the optical equipment receive it.

Parameters Unit SUN-EDFA
Input Power dBm -20 ~ -10
Gain dB 40
Saturated Output Power dBm 20
Wavelength Range nm 1529 ~ 1564
Flatness dB ≤ 1.5
Noise Figure dB ≤ 5.0
Input/ Output Pump Leakage dBm ≤ -40
Return Loss dB ≤ -45
Input/Output Isolation dB ≥ 30
Polarization Dependent Gain dB ≤ 0.3
Polarization Mode Dispersion ps ≤ 0.5
Working Mode AGC/APC
Connector Type LC/PC
Operating Temperature ℃ -5 ~ +55
Storage Temperature ℃ -20 ~ +70
Ethernet port RJ45 and RS232
Working Power V AC 100~240V,50/60Hz or DC 36~72V
Chassis Type mm 1U 19 inches chassis (482.6×200×44 mm)
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