Industrial Water Chillers HW015 ~ HW200 Series

Industrial Water Chillers HW015 ~ HW200 Series
Hans Cool
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Nov 23, 2018
Product features:
1. Heat dissipation mode of water cooling, realizing indoor low heat emission
2. Use of environment-friendly refrigerant R134a or R22
3. Efficient plate heat exchanger, nationally-patented plate heat exchanger anti-freeze technology
4. Multiple temperature control precisions to satisfy different demands: ±0.1℃, ±1.0℃, ±2.5℃, etc
5. Pressure indication for the water flow system and refrigeration system
6. Stainless steel water pump and water tank; the water circulation system does not contain metals such as copper, aluminum, and iron, so it will not rust at all
7. Filtration of cooling water, and fine filtration of chilled water, with the filtering accuracy at the user's option
8. Multiple alarm functions such as phase sequence alarm, flow alarm, liquid level alarm, temperature alarm, and pressure alarm
9. Water chiller alarm signal output
10. Heating function, rapid temperature rise under low temperature environment
11. Records of operating time and start/stop times of main parts
12. High-resolution LCD display
13. Cooling tower fan, chilled water pump, and cooling water pump output control functions
14. Externally controlled start, chilled water flow, and cooling water flow input control functions
15. Casters available to facilitate movement of the chiller
16. Compact size, easy operation, high efficiency and energy saving, stable performance, quality guarantee

Function introduction:
The HW015~HW200 Series Water-cooled Water Chiller provides thermostatic (±0.1℃ / ±1.0℃ / ±2.5℃) cooling circulating water, with a cooling capacity of 1.5KW~20KW, satisfying long-term steady cooling requirement of the heat generating equipment with a heating value ≤20KW. The chiller adopts water cooling condensing mode to realize heat dissipation, and the heat produced by the heat generating equipment will be discharged to the external environment through the cooling water, whereby it will not increase indoor heat.

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