Industrial Oil Coolers HCY010 ~ HCY035 Series

Industrial Oil Coolers HCY010 ~ HCY035 Series
Building 6, No.128 Chongqing Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518103, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Other Refrigeration & Heat Exchange Equipment


Product features:
1. Applicable to 3# ~10# hydraulic oil
2. Integrated structure, easy to install and maintain
3. All internal pipes use hydraulic casing pipes, allowing quick dismounting/installation
4. Use of environment-friendly refrigerant R134a/R22
5. Ultra low noise fan, integrated air cooling
6. Low-noise, low-vibration design, guaranteeing machining accuracy of the equipment to be cooled
7. Mechanical level gauge and thermometer
8. Oil path system equipped with high-efficiency filter
9. Externally controlled start/stop function
10. Heating function, rapid temperature rise at low temperature environment (optional)
11. Ambient temperature monitoring function, automatically control oil temperature

Function introduction:
The HCY010 ~ HCY035 Series Oil Cooler provides thermostatic (±2.5℃) circulating oil, satisfying long-term steady cooling requirement of the heat generating equipment with a heat load less than 3500W.

*NOTE: The above product prices are inaccurate. Please consult Hans Cool for the exact price of the product.
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