vacuum brazed diamond core bits

vacuum brazed diamond core bits
Zhongyuan, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450000, China
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Premium quality dry use granite diamond core drill bits with 1-3/8'' and 1-1/2'' thread
Chinshine dry use granite core drill bits are used for granite, marble,cocnrete ,bricks ,sandstone ,limestone ,ceramic drilling,etc.

Chinshine diamond core drill bits and bits segments are made of top quality diamond and cobalt porder.

Develop new and special formula to make high sharpness & Long life for customer.

1. For Wet drilling and strength cast iron,Concrete,Construction work and Different hardness Slabs( Marble Granite,Micro-Crystal,Stone,Quartz,Ceramic,Jade,etc. )

2. For fix up air-condition,Drilling hole in wall,ground,floor,drainage pipes etc

Segment Height: 10mm

Drilling Method: Dry use

Equipments: Hand held core drills or core drill rigs

Not sure whether to use dry or wet bits? Please contact us.

Using a drill with a different arbor? We have the adapters to make it work!
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