Industrial Cabinet Air Conditioners HCL005 Series

Industrial Cabinet Air Conditioners HCL005 Series
Building 6, No.128 Chongqing Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518103, China
Warranty1 year
CategoryAir Conditioners
Product features:
1. Low energy consumption, light weight, and neat appearance
2. Ultra low noise, low vibration design
3. Integrated structure and easy to install and maintain
4. Wall mounted, top mounted or mounted transversely
5. All stainless-steel enclosure at the user's option
6. Communication function for remote monitoring
7. Separation between cooling circulation and heat dissipation circulation to ensure clean cooling air
8. Special temperature measuring technology to avoid excessively low temperature of outlet air, thus avoiding condensing and freezing
9. Automatic control and optional configuration of external sensors for monitoring

Function introduction and scope of application:
The HCL005 Series Cabinet Air Conditioners are often used in small space (such as electrical cabinets, control cabinets and laser cavities) to satisfy heat dissipation requirement and stabilize air temperature. The internal and external circulation systems are separated to ensure closed internal circulation and keep out water, moisture, and dust. The HCL005 Series Cabinet Air Conditioners can satisfy long-term steady cooling requirement of the heat generating equipment with a heat load less than 500W. They are applicable to electrical cabinets, precision instruments, clean rooms, and scientific research projects etc.
*NOTE: The above product prices are inaccurate. Please consult Hans Cool for the exact price of the product.
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