Industrial Centralized Cooling System

Industrial Centralized Cooling System
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The Industrial Centralized Cooling/Water Supply System (hereinafter referred to as centralized cooling) is applicable in the scenario where multiple heat generating equipments require cooling accessories and require stable circulating water temperature. One or two sets with large refrigeration capacity are used instead of multiple sets with small refrigeration capacity, and corresponding pipes and control boxes are configured to realize centralized cooling and one-to-one control. The refrigeration capacity, flow rate, control mode, air outlet mode, installation site, and appearance and color of centralized cooling can be customized based on requirements. Centralized cooling has the following advantages over traditional one-to-one cooling:
•Small space occupation, centralized emissions of noises and heat, and improvement of workshop environment
•Modular application and appropriate increase or reduction of cooling accessories
•Centralized control (which can be operated remotely) and intelligent management
•More competitive price/performance ratio, saving 30% ~ 45% initial investment
•More effective energy conservation, saving 28% ~ 35% power consumption
•Easy to maintain
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