Investment casting stainless steel ball valve body

Investment casting stainless steel ball valve body
Room 1605, NO.1888, Yishan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China
Category:Casting Services
Material:SUS316(other materials can be customized)
Process:Silica sol investment casting, shot blasting(steel ball), solution heat treatment, pickling passivation, machining(turning, milling, fitter, hydraulic test)
Surface Treatment& Finish:Pickling passivation; Mirror polishing
Application:Pump & valve products
Mold:Forging aluminum mold
Quality Control:ISO9001, JWWA
MOQ:Small order is acceptable
Tolerance:Casting tolerances : CT6
Packaging:Packing with carton, wooden case or pallet, all the packing stuff can be recyclable
Delivery Period:Sample : Within 30 days upon receipt of prepayment for mold. (Without consideration of shipping time)
Batch product delivery date is about 30 days upon receipt of prepayment. (Depending on the number of
products and processing difficulty.Without consideration of shipping time.)
Term of Payment:Prepayment is 30% of the payment, 50% to the port, 20% after the arrival
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