Stainless Steel Gravel Prepacked Well Screens

Stainless Steel Gravel Prepacked Well Screens
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Oasis Oil Tools Co.,LTD, located in the industrial park of high-tech enterprises in Fengquan District, Xinxiang City, covers more than 20000 square meters with total RMB 15 million investment. Oasis now has more than 150 staff, among them 6 persons are senior engineer. Since founded, OASIS always adhere to the "development on innovation, development on efficiency and treat customers with honesty" business philosophy. After many years' efforts, now OASIS has developed into a famous manufacturer which integrates the research and development, design, manufacture and sell water well screens/johnson screens, oil well screens and sand control well screens, bridge slotted well screens, pipe based well screens, perforated pipe (base pipe), gravel pre-packed well screens, wedge wire screens, passive water intake screens etc. water, oil and gas well filtering products as well steel tubes and pipes and industrial parts.

Specifications of Gravel Prepacked Well Screens/v wire wedge wire screens

Prepacked Screen

Outer Wedge Wire Screen

1. OD:273.1mm±2mm

2. Material: SS304

3. Slot: 1mm

4. End Connection: male/female API STC thread

Inner Wedge Wire Screen

1. OD:209.1±2mm

2. Material: SS304

3. Slot: 1mm

4. End Connection: Male/female API STC thread

5.Ceramic ball:2-3mm
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