Copper mould plate

Copper mould plate
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Copper mould tubes/plates for CCM
Copper mould tubes/plates are used as a cooling spare part for continuous casting machines.

The materials of copper mould tubes/plates should be the ones with good tensile strength, fatigue strength, proper hardness, low elongation and high heat conductivity coefficient. As a result, material like phosphorous deoxidize copper (DHP),CUAG,CR-ZR-CU are widely accepted by users of all countries.
Copper has lower hardness which leads to lower anti-abrasive property. Therefore, the area at the lower part of the moulds, where the stress increases drastically due to shells, will be more severely worn. To increase the life time of copper moulds, Uniform mould interior surface plating with suitable hardness is needed. We use hard chrome plating to increase the life of mould tubes. The plating thickness will be controlled in the best range. As for the coating of copper mould plates, based on our years of experience, we are able to provide Cr coating, Ni-Cr coating, Ni-Fe coating and Ni-Co-Cr coating to meet the demand of various customers both at home and abroad.
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