ADSS & OPGW Preformed Strain Clamp

ADSS & OPGW Preformed Strain Clamp
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Inner armor rods, outer armor rods, thimble, U-shaped hanging loop, Extensioe Rods, bolt, nut, etc.


1. Stress is distributed equally, without stress focus. It can protect optical cabl-es very well.

2. Under the condition of not exceeding the intensity of cable's side pressure, it has higher grip power for the cable, and can support higher tensile force.

3. The grip power for the cable is not less than 95% of rating's pulling resisting intensityof the optical cable, completely satisfying the needs of setting up the cable.

Conditions For The Usage

1. Terminal poles/towers;

2. Corner poles/towers;

3. Dead-end poles/towers;


According to the requirement of customers, 30kN, 70kN, 100kN, 120kN, etc, can be supplied.

Select Chart

Model Grip(KN) Length of Inner Armor Rods(mm) Length of Outer Armor Rods(mm) Estimated Weight(KG) Color
ONZ-60-* * 60 1900 1500 2.9 Yellow
ONZ-70-* * 70 2000 1600 3.5 Yellow
ONZ-80-* # 80 2200 1700 4.2 Yellow
ONZ-90-* # 90 2400 1800 4.3 Yellow
ONZ-100-* # 100 2500 1900 4.5 Yellow
ONZ-120-* # 120 2600 2000 5.0 Yellow
Note: representing the outer diameter of the optical cable (mm).
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