SP-VNS-H2 Vacuum Nitrogen Seaming Machine

SP-VNS-H2 Vacuum Nitrogen Seaming Machine
No.86, Xisanzhuang Street, Shijiazhuang, China
Category:Sealing Machines
SP-VNS-H2 Vacuum Nitrogen Seaming Machine

Descriptive abstract

Applicable scope is milk powder, health products(albumen powder, nutrition powder),solid
drinks, condiments, snack food etc.

Main features

Vacuum seaming station to evacute, gasify and seam cans.
Seal tightly, effectively protect product quality.
The air pressure and nitrogen level inside the cans can be adjusted as per customers request which can
greatly prevent cans distortion caused by thermal expansion and contraction.
The gas inside can is effectively replaced, prolonging shelf life.
Reasonable cap feeding manner: Caps will be put under seaming head in advance then cans lift up and
cap will be taken together to the seaming head-100% precise positioning can be assured.
There is a filter before vacuum pump, with compressed air blow back device, the dust taken away from the filter will be collected through a separated channel, Optional dust collector can be added to the line to clean the filter automatically.
PLC & touch screen make it be easy of operation.
Conveyor belt for feeding and evacuation of cans.
Surface fully stainless steel structure.
Famous brand vacuum pump.
The shape of can is rounder.
The material of can body are tin plate and composite paper.
Main Technical Data
Speed:13-14 cans/min
Remaining oxygen:≤3%
Can size:φ73─φ131mm/H100-190mm
Power supply:3Phase 208-415V 50/60Hz
Total power:9.1kw (Include Vacuum pump 3kw*2)
Air supply:6kg/cm 0.25cbm/min
Need Nitrogen:10 cbm/hour/set
Nitrogen: Purity >99.99%,Pressure:0.4Mpa
Overall dimension:1400*1000*1894mm
Total weight:800kg

Deploy List

No. Name Model Specification PRODUCING AREA, Brand
1 Stainless steel SUS304 China
2 PLC FBs-60MCT2-AC Taiwan Fatek
3 FBs-6AD Taiwan Fatek
4 HMI HMIGX03500 Schneider
5 Seaming servo motor BCH1303N12A1C Schneider
6 Seaming servo driver LXM23DU15M3X Schneider
7 motor 25YS04 Taiwan JSCC
8 Switch LW-26-20 Wenzhou Cansen
9 Circuit breaker ic65N/32A/3P,ic65N/16A/2P Schneider
10 Emergency switch XB2-BS542 Schneider
11 Contactor LC1E12-10N Schneider
12 Heat relay LRE05N/1.0A,LRE0N/6.0A Schneider
13 Relay RXM2LB2BD/24VDC Schneider
14 Relay base RXZE1M2C Schneider
15 EMI Filter ZYH-EB-10A Beijing ZYH
16 Switching power supply ABL2REM24085H Schneider
17 Photo sensor OBT500-18GM60-E4-V1 P+F
18 Pressure switch 3C-ISG130-030 SMC
19 Magnetic switch 3C-D-A93L SMC
20 Digital negative pressure gauge ZSE40A SMC
21 Negative Pressure gauge GZ46-K-01 SMC
22 Digital pressure gauge ISE40A SMC
23 Pressure gauge G46-10-01 SMC
24 Conditioning combination AC30-02-A SMC
25 Wiper switch 31-H-Q SMC
26 Electromagnetic valve SMC
27 Cylinder SMC
28 Ball valve 304 China
29 Vacuum pump D-42279 U 4100F/K-58 2.4kw Germany BECKER
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