Shortening/Margarine/Vegetable Ghee Processing Line

Shortening/Margarine/Vegetable Ghee Processing Line
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Shortening/Magrine/Ghee Processing Line

We are the solution provider in engineering design of process and equipment in the food industry. The supplier came with knowledge and experience from Unilever as an experienced engineer (>30 years) in fats and oils processing. We are the top leading supplier of margarine/shortening production equipment in China. We are one of the very few global companies that offers turnkey margarine/shortening/ghee production line for one-stop shopping with guarantee in equipment and production performance. We have teams of experienced technicians to assist in field installation, testing, commissioning and training for our customers. Our line and equipment are built to meet/or exceed the FDA3A and EHEDG standards. Our goal is to provide you with safe, efficient and reliable food processing line and production equipment. Our company success is built on honesty and innovation in selling low cost equipment manufactured in China and designed with advanced Western knowledge. Our turnkey line and equipment can be found globally, including Russia, Europe, Africa, South America, New Zealand, South Asia, Indonesia and other international markets.

A Unit

Our chilling unit (A unit) is modeled after the Votator type of scrap surface heat exchanger and combines the special features of the European design to take advantage of the two worlds. It shares many small interchangeable components. Mechanical seal and scraper blades are typical interchangeable parts. The heat transfer cylinder consists of a pipe in pipe design with inner pipe for product and outer pipe for cooling refrigerant. The inner tube is designed for very high pressure process operation. The jacket is designed for flooded direct evaporative cooling of either Freon or ammonia.

Pin Worker/ C Unit.

The Pin Worker consists of a hot water jacketed cylinder with a row of fixed static pins (optional 3 rows) and a concentric shaft carrying pins in a helical or straight pattern. The rotating shaft pins intermeshes with the static pins to provide the necessary kneading function for softening the shortening. The shaft is driven by a variable frequency geared motor for flexibility. The very high operating pressure mechanical seal is the same as SSHE for standardization.

All wetted surfaces are made of stainless steel (304 or 316L), internal surface polished to food grade application, external finish dry honed with welds grounded. All seal parts, 'O' rings, gaskets and non-drive end bush compatible with product. The unit is hot water jacketed and insulated, with optional individual temperature controlled hot water circulation tank.

Technical Data:

1. Product volume of cylinder: std 50 and 100 liters
2. Product Pressure Rating: 70 bar
3. Jacket Pressure Rating : 1.0 bar
4. Approximate Weight 1000 kg
5. Approx Dimensions (LxWxH) 2000 mm L x 425 mm dia
6. Shaft Speed, VFD drive 100 ~ 300 rpm

Model Length(mm) Specification
Volume (L) Material Pin rod distance (mm) Static pin Dynamic pin Power & rotating speed of motor Pressure Direction
SPC30 700 30 SUS304 or SUS316L 1.5mm Single row Screw type 7.5-15kw, 320rpm, speed adjustable by frequency inverter 3Mpa Horizontal
SPC40 900 40
SPC60 1400 60
SPC80 1600 80
SPK30 700 30 2mm Three row Line type
SPK40 1000 40
SPK60 1400 60
SPK80 1600 80
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