SPAS-100 Automatic Can Seaming Machine

SPAS-100 Automatic Can Seaming Machine
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SPAS-100 Automatic Can Seaming Machine

This product is used to seam all kinds of round cans like tin cans, aluminum cans, plastic cans and paper cans. With reliable quality and easy operation, it is ideal equipment necessary for such industries as food, beverage, pharmacy and chemical engineering. The machine can be used alone or together with other filling production lines.

Performance characteristics
With two pairs (four) of seaming rolls, the cans are stationary without rotating while the seaming rolls rotate at high speed during seaming;
Different-sized ring-pull cans can be seamed by replacing accessories like lid-pressing die, can clamp disc and lid-dropping device;
The machine is highly automatic and easily operated with VVVF, PLC control and human- machine interface touch panel;
Can-lid interlock control: corresponding lid is given only when there is a can, and no lid no can;
The machine will stop in the case of no lid: it can automatically stop when no lid is dropped by the lid-dropping device so as to avoid seizing of lid-pressing die by the can and parts damage of seaming mechanism;
The seaming mechanism is driven by synchronous belt, which allows simple maintenance and low noise;
The continuously-variable conveyor is simple in structure and easy to operate and maintain;
The outer housing and main parts are made of 304 stainless steel to meet hygienic requirements of food and drugs.

Technical Parameters

Production capacity 30-40 cans/min
Applicable range Can diameter: φ52.5-φ105mm ,φ83-φ127mm
Can height: 60-190mm
(Special specifications can be customized.)
Voltage 3P 380V 50Hz
Power 1.5Kw
Weight 500kg
Overall dimensions 1900(L)×710(W)×1500(H)mm
Overall dimensions 1900(L)×710(W)×1700(H)mm ( Framed)
Working pressure (compressed air) ≥0.4Mpa About 100L/min
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