IJ Series chemical resistant centrifugal pump

IJ Series chemical resistant centrifugal pump
Minhang District, Shanghai, 201108, China
Warranty:1 year
HTS code:8413709990


IJ Chemical resistant centrifugal alkali pump
A: Characteristics:
Reliable and Steady running, continuous working for 24 hours, better design of cantilever, small vibration, low noise. Seal type: mechanical seal, dynamic seal, gland packing seal etc.(No leakage and long life).
IJ chemical resistant centrifugal alkali pump is improved on the base of IH model single stage single suction chemical industry pump according to the standard ISO2858-1975. The IJ chemical resistant centrifugal alkali pump is used to transfer the corrosive liquid with solid content less than 5% and suspension grain less than 3mm. Pump discharge pressure is up to 1.6MPA, Working temperature: -20 to 180 Degree Celsius.
B. Application fields:
Alkali industry:
Soda and ammonia brine mother liquid from ammonia-hydrazine production, caustic soda with normal temperature from Chlorine-alkali production, chlorine products and chlorate, hypochlorite.
Nonferrous metallurgy:
electrolyte liquid from Electrolytic copper and nickel, acid mist liquid from production of cobalt, slurry from production of zinc ore, vanadate ammonia from production of vanadium, acid and sulfuric acid from production of gold etc.
Iron and steel industry:
Electroplating, pickling, waste acid treatment
Acid industry:
Nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, acetic acid, etc.Petrochemical refining acetaldehyde, alkyl manufacturing.
Synthetic fiber and plastics industry:
Dilan, PVC production, textile, printing and dyeing industry.
Papermaking industry:
Transport of pulp cooking and bleaching fluids.
Fertilizer industry:
Urea, nitric acid production.
Pharmaceutical industry:
Pharmaceutical and pesticide production.
Environmental protection:
Transportation of acid mist solution.

C. Pump materials:
SS304,SS304L, SS316,SS316L,Hastelloy alloy B and other alloy steel etc

D. Performance range for IJ Series chemical resistant centrifugal alkali pump:
Flow rate(Q):2m3/h to 1200 m3/h,
Head(H):3m to 135m,
Speed(N): 2900RPM or 1450RPM,
Motor power(P):0.55KW to 200kw,
Pump inlet and outlet:32mm to 350mm,
Max. working pressure:1.6 Mpa
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