Flexible Coil Mesh JA-C305

Flexible Coil Mesh JA-C305
No 430, Gang Pu Dong Road, Zhang Pu Town, Kunshan City, Suzhou, Jiang Su Province, 215321, Jiangsu, China
Category:Steel Wire Mesh
JBL Flexible Coil Mesh is a material that catching the imagination of architects and designers. It provides color and texture, reacts beautifully to light, flexible and formable. With its versatility, unique texture, variety of colors, durability and flexibility, JBL coil mesh is a long-term solution for modern style.You choose the material, wire gauge, color, coating/finish, weave thickness, open area and engineered attachment system that meets your design requirements.
•Durable & Recoverable and environment-friendly materials
•Visually appealing, Allows ventilation, Light weight, Easy installation

Security Screens / Securing / Partitions / Sun Screen/Space dividers/ Media Walls/ Merchandising Display/ Drapery/ Curtains/ Shades / Cladding / Awnings / Decoration
Model No JA-C305
Material Aluminum
Spiral Pitch(mm) 8.5
Wire diameter(mm) 1.2
Open Area % 70%
Thickness (mm) 7.1
Weight(KG/M2) 2.0
Edge Finish Clenched
Max Width(mm) 4000
Max Length(mm) No Limit as per application
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