Polyethylene Isolation Gown

Polyethylene Isolation Gown
Anqing Kangmingna Packaging Co., Ltd
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Jan 9, 2019
Item No.: KPEIG-1001


Material: Polyethylene Material

Color: Blue, Green and Yellow

Size: Regular, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, or as Your Request

Style: Over-the-head Style Neck; Side Ties

Cuff: Thumb Loops

Application: General Medical, ER, ICU, Labs, Patient Care, and Critical Care Units.


The KMN Polyethylene Isolation Gown is the perfect solution for those looking for the right gown at the right price. This gown is environmental friendly, and offers an economy price and without sacrificing safety or comfort. Made of lightweight, fluid resistant soft embossed polyethylene material, the KMN Polyethylene Gown is a great multi-use hospital gown that is best used in moderate exposure situations. It can provide durable barrier protection from fluid, hazardous materials and infectious diseases. The over-the-head style reduces donning and removing time, and the thumb loop wrists help keep sleeves from sliding up.