Xinya flatbed trailer

Xinya flatbed trailer
Xizhaomiao Village, Yangzhuang Town, Yuncheng County, Heze, Shandong, 274717, China
Category:Truck Trailers
Product Function:
Commonly used for container transporting and other dry bulk cargo:
PS: Dry bulk cargo: such as wood, crop pallets, bagged cement, floor tile, glass, equipment, stone, steel pipes and so on.
PS: customize available:
(1) extendable flatbed trailer for long items,
(2) flatbed trailer with upright column for log loading,
(3) flatbed trailer with groove / sleepers / portal frame / front wall / Sidewall /side pillars / D-rings. Small item, make your trailer more functional.

1. Straight or gooseneck type, used to carry non-removable big size objects in factory and construction site.
2. Made of high-strength steel, strong bearing, rational construction and good stability.
3. The frame is welded by automatic submerged arc welding, beautiful weld joint, reliable performance.
4. Good looking, easy to sell. Use shot blasting to improve the surface.
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