WQB Submersible sewage explosion-proof pump

WQB Submersible sewage explosion-proof pump
Minhang District, Shanghai, 201108, China
Warranty1 year
WQB series explosion proof submersible sewage pump
The motor for the pump set is strictly designed and produced according to the explosion proof standard. Motor is for filling water type explosion-proof submersible motor (YBQS). Winding wire adopts waterproof electric magnetic wire with nylon sheath. The motor cavity is filled with clean water to cool motor.
The pump set can draw the superficial surface water of the working site, and can also be put into water for long-time working. The pump have several advantages: compact structure , small size and easy to move, no need for lead water, double-side mechanical seal, durable in use, safety and reliable, have a good adaptability.

Data for explosion-proof motor:

380V/415V/660V, 50HZ /3Phase/AC, EXDIIBT4 / F class /IP68,
Main Usage:

For sewage water and common underground water of Petro-chemical system, coal chemical enterprise and other easily explosive environment in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, paper making industry, steel mills, power plants, coal processing, as well as the city sewage treatment plant drainage systems, municipal engineering, construction and other industries containing particles of sewage contamination, also can be used for pumping clean water and corrosive medium.

WQB Series submersible sewage pump with explosion-proof motor is improved on the base of the ordinary submersible sewage pump with submersible motor.

Pump cable source adopts explosion-proof head to take isolation measures for the dangerous spark and heating between the conductive part and explosive medium

Explosion-proof motor is composed of the following 3 parts.

Safety level for different motor in explosive gas zone (0 zone,1zone,2zone)
Rotary motor is divided into flameproof type (Code:D),positive pressure type (Code:P), increasing safety type (Code:E) and non spark type (Code:N)

Classification of explosive mixtures of gas or steam can be divided into three categories: IIA, IIB, IIC which are mainly classified according to the large test safety gap (MESG) or the small ignition current (MICR)
The temperature class of some medium ignited
Electrical equipment is divided into T1 to T6 class according to its maximum surface temperature.

℃ , 300℃, 200℃, 135℃, 100℃, 85℃

The explosion proof motor for submersible sewage pump is specially designed as the submersible motor with IP68 protection, F grade insulation allowed temperature rise.Under normal temperature rise condition, the insulation life of the motor is prolonged and the cooling effect at submersible condition is better. The actual temperature rise is low and the insulation life of motor is longer.

Motor cooling:

External mounted electric pump.The heating of the motor is heated by the shell and the pump can run reliably and safely when the medium only need to submerge half of motor stator shell. The more submerged ,it is better for the motor cooling.

The built-in electric pump.Pump adopts a sandwich structure of strong cod air. Even if the motor idle, temperature rise can also be controlled at 40 degree Celsius. It improves the service life greatly. It is suitable for shallow water sites.

Shaft seal:

Shaft seal of the motor adopts two independent series of mechanical seals to form two reliable sealing lines.The first contacts with medium. The sealing surface with medium pressure increases tightly and effectively prevent water into the oil chamber. The second is from oil chamber to prevent oil or water from entering the motor.

WQB pump sealing oil chamber is equipped with high precision anti disturbance water leakage detection sensor and the heat sensitive element is buried in the stator winding. So the pump and motor is absolutely protected.

WQB pump operation condition:

Medium temperature is not higher than 70 degree Celsius
The part of motor exposed to liquid can not exceed half of the pump
Cast iron pump for liquid with PH 5-9, stainless steel pump can be used for liquid with acid and alkali.
WQB pump can be used for Flammable and explosive environment
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