blood collection clot activator and gel tube with CE certificate

blood collection clot activator and gel tube with CE certificate
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HTS code:9018390000
Category:Blood Test Tubes


Products description:

1.Material: PET/glass tube

2.Specification: 13*75 mm,13*100 mm,16*100 mm

3.Volume: 2-9 ml

4.Additive: clot activator and gel

5.Certificate: CE & ISO 13485 certificate approved

6.Packing: Customized production as requested. Normal carton size as follows:
100 pcs/foam tray,1200 pcs/carton
13x75 mm: 515*360*183 mm/1200pcs
13*100 mm: 515*360*233 mm/1200pcs
16*100 mm:580*390*233 mm/1200pc

7.Certificate: CE & ISO 13485 certificate approved

8.Tray material: Foam 9. Cap color: Yellow

10.Delivery time: 15-25 days depend on order size

11.Label and logo printing: as requested

12.Shelf time: PET-18 months, glass-24 months

13.Storage: No direct sunlight at room temperature


1. Accurate vacuum draw volume, blood is drawn directly from the vein into the vacuum sterile collection tubes.

2. Only one veinpuncture is needed to draw multiple blood samples while needle and plastic holder remain in place on patient's arm.

3. Yellow cap and clear label for specific identification

4. Excellent performance additive

5. Shelf time 18 months for PET, 24 months for glass

6. Accurate vacuum degree;

7. Blood clotting in 5 to 10 minutes with gel & clot activator.

8.Gel and clot activator tube is used in clinical biochemistry and immunology. The barrier gel can effectively separate the serum from fibrin and cells and improve the quality and quantity of serum with stable components for a long time.The gel is sufficiently stable to avoid absorbing protein in blood which makes results more accurate for drug tests and biochemical tests.

Made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) provides a safer work environment for all personnel by

1.Reducing risk of tube breakage during operation.

2.Reducing risk of breakage during centrifugation at high speed.

3.Eliminating breakage or chippings of tube rims when stopper is removed and reinserted.

4.Fewer tube breakages contributes to making workflow proceed with less interruption and fewer patient pain with fewer redraws .

Our advantages:

1.We have 4 production lines, supplying 8000000 pcs vacuum blood collection tubes each month;

2.Sufficient production capacity;

3. Blood clotting in 5 to 10 minutes with gel and activator tubes;

4. OEM service approval;

5.Production capacity of PET tubes on ourselves with high density and long validity.

6.Ordering directly from a manufacturer supplier like us means less cost and more profit.

7.Needles in supply (used together with blood collection tubes).
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