SBG315 HDPE/PP Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

SBG315 HDPE/PP Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line
No. 8 Haier Road, Jiaozhou Bay Industry Zone, Qingdao Jiaozhou City, P. R. China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Pipe Making Machinery


SBG315 HDPE/PP Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line:
Description of SBG315 HDPE/PP Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line:
Diameter scope: (ID) Φ90mm-Φ315mm 
Double wall corrugated pipe introduction:
Due to the advantage of light weight,high corrosion resistance and high ring stiffness etc.,the use of double wall corrugated pipes is especially efficient for construction installations: household,industrial or pluvial sewer systems,drainage systems for roads,highways,railroads or for land reclamation,anti-flood systems,fountains etc. Also,corrugated pipes can be used with great benefits for road undercrossings,highways and railroads,bridge constructions,accesways,underground cables protection,cylindrical formworks for constructions etc..
Double wall corrugated pipe line features:
Only maker in China adopt precise compression casting forming mould. Adopt integer compression cast technics, inner vacuum air channel is once casting moulding,of higher intensity,precise dimension,dense texture,long lifetime,avoid intensity decreasing caused from twice process,much better than traditional casting technics. This Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line is the latest study achievement in the plastic extrusion field. This extrusion line is suitable for the high speed extrusion of HDPE,LDPE and PP material. SBG 315 HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line adopts directly extruding (single extruder or two extruders' co-extrusion) and forming technology,human-machine interface control system. It makes high automation degree,reliable quality and stable production become true. And this pipe production line wins our home and abroad customers' good reputation.
Extruder: High speed,high efficiency extrusion single screw extruder is specially designed for extrude PE material. Grooved barrel,equipped with the lower noise fan,high speed and hard gear reducer. The inner and outer layers of the corrugated pipe are independently feed material by two extruders. It can make the inner and outer layers produce different material and guarantee high efficiency extrusion.
Die head: It has two channel structure,nitriding and polishing handling,special designed mouth molds,suitable for different material and different ring stiffness corrugated pipe production. The special molds structure assures the inner and outer layer wall thickness even and forming stability.
Corrugator: Corrugator is adopted horizontal structure with chain type transmission,equipped with open water cooling system and vacuum forming system. It greatly increases the production speed. The belling on line function decreases investment cost and improves production efficiency. Mold moving adopts synchronous upper and lower mechanical drive system and advanced self-lubrication system. It assures moving accuracy and corrugated pipe quality stability.
Mold blocks: Double Wall Corrugated Pipe forming molds which are formed by special aluminum alloy material through precision casting. They have high precision and strength and excellent heat dissipation.
Cutting machine: High-strength alloy steel blade,rotary cutting,smooth pipe incision,dustless cutting. The tracking device makes the cutting location precision. Germany SIEMENS professional PLC programmed controlling system makes operation easy and sensitive.
Control system: It adopts SIEMENS professional PLC control system,15" large color touch screen human-machine interface,high automation,reliable running,easy operation,remote communication function which can realize remote fault diagnosis and rule out the possibility.
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