Automatic Tube Bending Machine

Automatic Tube Bending Machine
High-tech Industrial Park, Wuyi New District, Nanping, FUJIAN, China
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Automatic Tube Bending Machine

To have the aluminum tubes coil go through decoiling,straightening,bending,necking down and cutting into the requi red bending tubes.

Through changing different tooling to bend for various flat tubes and data can be directly saved.It is consists of pneumatic system,electrical system and servo system.Bending dimension with high precision,efficiently protect flat tube surface and eventually ensure forming quality stability and reliability.


Workpiece Specification: as per customer's requirements

Workpiece length: as per customer's requirements

Flat tube specification

Thickness:1-3 mm

Width:12-32 mm

Max Bending Quantity: 50 Bends

Flat tube coil dimension:

Inner diameter:Min.400 mm

Outer diameter:Max.1200 mm

Pipe Processed per time: 1 pc/time

Decoiling/Feeding/Straightening/Bending/Cutting: Automatic

Lubricating Way: Automatic

Production capacity: Around 230 pcs /shift (as per actual workpiece dimension)

Drive mode: Servo+Pneumatic

Overall Dimension: 6000*1300*1700 mm

Weight: 2.5 T
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