Harmonica Pipe Straightening & Cutting Machine

Harmonica Pipe Straightening & Cutting Machine
High-tech Industrial Park, Wuyi New District, Nanping, FUJIAN, China
Category:Metal Straightening Machinery
Harmonica Pipe Straightening & Cutting Machine

This equipment is to have coiled flat tube to go through straightening,correction,cutting,necking down and to be in same dimension automatically.

Machine is fully automatic control.Flat tube cutting lenqth,width can be set and adiusted. Straightening section adopts fast change cassette type to reach fast change.Driving unit is with servo motor together with high precision screw.Cutting is rotary or liner type.Necking down is finished by servo motor and different dimension pipe can be done through changing fast clamp.Sizing cutting is high in precision,fast in speed and easy in operation and cutting Pipe change.


Workpiece dimension

Width:12-32 mm

Thickness:1-3 mm

Pipe Processed per time: 2 pcs / time

Decolling/Feeding : Automatic

Tube necking-down method: Automatic/Optional

Production Capacity: Around 44 pcs/minutes(Calculated with length 600 mm)

Drive mode: Servo+Pneumatic

Overall dimension: Cutting machine:4500*850*1700 mm

Decoiler :400*1300*1800 mm

Weight : 3.5 T
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