Rubber Accelerator MBT (M) for Tyre

Rubber Accelerator MBT (M) for Tyre
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Rubber Accelerator MBT(M)
Molecular Formula: C7H5NS2
Molecular Weight: 167.25
CAS NO.: 149-30-4
Chemical Name: 2-Mercaptobenzothiazole

Appearance----------- light yellow powder (granular)
Initial M.P. oC≥-----------170.0
heating loss %≤-------------0.30
Ash%≤------------------------ 0.30
Residues on sieve(150μm), % ≤----0.1

Properties: Slightly foul odor and bitter taste, nonpoisonous. Specific gravity: 1.46- 1.52.Soluble in ethyl acetone, acetone, dilute solution of sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate, ethyl alcohol. Not easily soluble in benzene. Insoluble in water and gasoline. 

Application: MBT is fast and nonpolluting accelerator suitable for rubbers and latex; can achieve good cold vulcanization when used together with secondary accelerator TMTD, TETD, DPG; it gives vulcanized rubbers excellent anti-aging property, and is mainly used in the manufacture of tyres,tubes,rubber belts, adhesive tape, rubber shoes,hoses etc; can not be used as food material.

Packing: 25kg plastic woven bag or kraft paper bag. 

Storage: keep in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place. The recommended max. storage life is 2 years. 
Notes: the products could be oil coated powder, granular as per customer’s request.
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