China XCMG 5 ton wheel loader LW500FV

China XCMG 5 ton wheel loader LW500FV
#2-1101, 18 Bldg., Feicuiwaitan, Jiangjun Rd., Jinan, Shandong, 250000, China


LW500FV wheel loader is the latest generation of cross-generation products developed by Xugong relying on international technical resources! XCMG V-Series loaders focus on customer value, emphasizing customer experience, and have significant advantages in engineering construction, sand and gravel, coal logistics and other fields.

Model features:
■ XCMG's proprietary high-torque and efficient transmission chain is matched properly.

■ The front frame adopts the wing box structure of the whole cast ear seat, and the rear frame adopts the variable stiffness bending plate to weld the special-shaped section box-shaped girders with strong carrying capacity.

■ The front and rear frame hinges adopt rolling bearing + joint bearing structure, which has strong bearing capacity and high operational stability.

■ The model has short wheelbase, small turning radius, flexible maneuverability and excellent site adaptability.

■ The ergonomic concept of the cab, the overall skeleton structure, exquisite interior, large space, sound insulation and noise reduction, comfortable operation.

■ Single row of large distance radiators, anti-clogging and easy to clean.

■ Various configurations, complete sets of equipment, fully adapt to the construction requirements of different areas and different working conditions.
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