China ShanTui bulldozer SD16 plus

China ShanTui bulldozer SD16 plus
#2-1101, 18 Bldg., Feicuiwaitan, Jiangjun Rd., Jinan, Shandong, 250000, China


SD16plus bulldozer is an upgraded product independently developed on the basis of SD16 products. It has the characteristics of high technology content, reasonable design and high production efficiency. It can adapt to more harsh working environment and is convenient for maintenance and repair.

Machine weight: 17000kg

Engine power: 120kW

Blade capacity: straight shovel 4.5m3 angle shovel 4.3m3 U shovel 5m3
● The engine has sufficient power, low fuel consumption rate, easy maintenance and meets the national II emission standards.

● High-reliability power shift transmission, secondary spur gear reduction, splash-lubricated final drive, high durability, and efficient machine operation.

● With closed system, the tank pressure maintains a specific value, and forced air supply can enhance the cooling effect.

● The whole vehicle wiring harness is protected by a seamless snake skin tube, which improves the reliability of the electric harness.

● The whole injection molding structure instrument panel integrates air conditioner, electric and instrument box into one, beautiful and high-grade.

● Optimize the work light layout to improve the lighting of the vehicle;

● Increase the reversing alarm and work lights to improve the safety warning when the vehicle is working.

● The main frame of the full box structure has high impact load bearing capacity and resistance to bending and twisting. The high quality weld seam ensures the main frame has a full life cycle.
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