breathable laminated PE film

breathable laminated PE film
Cheng'an Industrial Pack, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, 050701, China
Category:Plastic Film
Characteristics :

1, high tensile strength

2,It is not dissolved by any organic solvent at room temperature and also resistant to acid and alkali and salt corrosion.

3,Low temperature resistance, could be used at 80-70 degrees below zero.

4,The surface of the single coated woven fabric is smooth and waterproof.

5.It's woven fabric pp plastic roll


1. Reinforcing effect: It is used in rock projects such as highways, railways, airports, stone dams, slope breakwaters, retaining walls, backfills, borders, etc. to disperse soil stress to increase the modulus of soil and limit the slippage of soils. stability.

2. Protective function: Prevent the banks from being washed by wind, waves, tides, and rain, and used for bank protection, slope protection, bottom protection, and prevention of soil erosion.

3. Anti-filtering function: It is used for filter layers of embankments, dams, rivers and coastal rocks, earth slopes, and retaining walls to prevent sand particles from passing through, while allowing water or air to pass freely.
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