ZK2130DB/2500 BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine

ZK2130DB/2500 BTA Deep Hole Drilling Machine
Room 501 Building 3B, Yuhua Optoelectrical Technology Industry Park, No 36 Weiyi Road, Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710086, China
Category:Drilling Machines
processing method:  bta , internal chip removing
cnc system: fanuc oi mate tc / gsk980tdc (optional)
drill stem: rotary and feed, frequency speed adjustment
workpiece spindle: rotary at rated speed
guide sleeve: hydraulic driven
clamping: hydraulic chuck; hydraulic center frame
main parameter
drilling ability
1.  number of spindle:   1 pcs
2.  drilling diameter range:  φ16~φ30 mm
3.  max. drilling depth:  2500 mm
4.  max. workpiece diameter:  φ320 mm; φ500 mm
5.  clamping diameter of center frame:   φ270 mm; φ500 mm
6.  max. workpiece length:    2500mm
drilling speed
1.  max. drill stem rotary speed:  2000 r/min
2.  workpiece rotary speed:   31.5 r/min
3.  feed speed range:  ≤1500 mm/min
4.  fast move speed     ≤2000 mm/min
drilling accuracy
1.  skewness:  ≤1.0/1000 (length to diameter ratio <100)
2.  dimensional accuracy:  it8~it11
3.  roughness:  ra1.6~ra3.2
machine power
1.  power of drill stem motor:  11 kw
2.  workpiece rotary power:    3.0 kw
3.  oil cooling power:  2.8 kw
4.  oil pump motor:   11.0+11.0 kw (double pump group)
5.  power of feed motor:  2.5 kw
6.  total power:   50 kw
hydraulic system
1.  max. flow:   150 l/min
2.  max. pressure:   6 mpa
3.  filter accuracy:   20 um
oil tank capacity:     1600 l
basic dimension & weight
1.  ground area:  8000×3000×1500mm
2.  distance between drill stem center and ground:   1070mm
3.  weight of main engine:    9 t
4.  weight of hydraulic system:    2.5 t 
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