ZK2115X4B Four Spindle Gun Drilling Machine

ZK2115X4B  Four Spindle Gun Drilling Machine
Room 501 Building 3B, Yuhua Optoelectrical Technology Industry Park, No 36 Weiyi Road, Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710086, China
Category:Drilling Machines


Processing Method:  gun drill and external chip removing
CNC System: FANUC OI Mate TC / GSK980TDC (Optional)
Drill Stem: high speed mechanical spindle, frequency speed adjustment, rotary and feed
Workpiece: rotary with constant speed
Guide Sleeve: axial fixed
Clamping: The workpiece is accurately located by the chamfer on the two ends and clamped by
inner cone top on the tail of workpiece and front of guide sleeve.
Main Parameter
Drilling Ability

No. of Spindle:  4 PCS
Drilling Diameter Range:  φ3~φ15 mm
Max. Drilling Depth:  500 mm; 1000mm; 1500mm
Wokrpiece Diameter Range:  ≤φ80 mm
Max. Length of Workpiece:  500 mm; 1000mm; 1500mm
Drilling Speed

Max. Drill Stem Rotary Speed:  7000 r/min
Workpiece Rotary :  500 r/min
Feed Speed Range:  ≤1500 mm/min
Fast Move Speed     ≤2000 mm/min
Drilling Accuracy

Skewness:  ≤1.0/1000 drilling depth(non rotary of workpiece)
≤0.5/1000 drilling depth(counter-rotary of workpiece and drill stem)
Dimensional Accuracy:  IT7~IT11
Roughness:  Ra0.8~Ra3.2    
Machine Power

Power of Drill Stem Motor:  2×5.5 KW
Power of Workpiece Rotary Motor:    2×3.0KW
Power of Oil Pump Motor:  2×7.5 KW
Power of Feed Motor:  1.8 KW
Power of Oil Cooling Machine:  4.05 KW
Hydraulic System

Max. Flow:    2×40 L/Min
Max. Pressure:   12 MPa
Filter Accuracy:   20 um
Oil Tank Capacity:    1360 L
Basic Dimension & Weight

Ground Area:(L*W*H)    4500*3000*1800 mm
Distance between Drill Stem Center and Ground:   1070 mm
Height from Drill Stem Center and Guide Rail:   297.0 mm
Distance between Spindles:   140 mm
Weight of Main Engine:    5.0 T
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