ASSEN New-tech Double stage Transformer Oil Purifier Machine

ASSEN New-tech Double stage Transformer Oil Purifier Machine
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Oils used in large quantities inside transformers are insulating oils or simply transformer oils. They can maintain their stability at extremely high temperature and also have significant electrical insulating characteristics. Oils inside transformers are mainly for insulating purpose, apart from which they also suppress corona and arcing, and also act as coolants inside the machines. Insulating oils must be maintained absolutely clean and dry in order to achieve and sustain the optimal insulating performance and dielectric strength. Here rises the need for insulating oil purification process.

ASSEN ZYD Transformer Oil Purifier Process serves to improve the properties of insulating oil. It eliminates the acid nature, over moisture, traces of water, dissolved gases, and particulate matter from the insulating oil effectively and rapidly. The bottom line of this purification process is to enhance the performance level of transformers, circuit breakers, mutual inductors, cables, and capacitors. All these equipment and machinery use an insulating system.

The oil’s performance after treatment:
1. Gas content less than 0.1%
2. Impurity size less than 1μm without free carbon
3. Oil dielectric strength (breakdown voltage) more than 75KV
4. Acidity value less than 0.01 mgKOH/g
5. Dielectric loss factors at 90℃ less than 0.001

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