Anti-counterfeit tamper evident tape

Anti-counterfeit tamper evident tape
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Apr 3, 2019
Anti-counterfeit tamper evident tape
The security hidden message of total transfer security tape is much clear than the partial transfer type after removed.
The facestock will be not sticky any more, because the glue transferred onto the application surface completely.
Once removed, the tape will be destructed with leaving words or symbols on the package surface. There is no adhesive left on the tape itself, and cannot be used again.It effectively protects your package during transportation.

Product features:
-The security tape is available for printing logo or warning information to protect the package.
-The pre-designed message will appear once being removed.
-Color, size, printing information and hidden message can be customized.
-The tapes can be customized accordingly for the different application surface.
-With liner or without line is optional as you need.