T/P Super self priming sewage wastewater pump

T/P Super self priming sewage wastewater pump
Minhang District, Shanghai, 201108, China
Warranty:1 year
HTS code:8413709990


T/P Series super industrial self priming sewage pump is used to transfer the wastewater/trash with big solid particle or fiber etc impurity. The solid particles diameter can be up 76.2mm.The pump can be made of cast iron or stainless steel.
T /P Series Super industrial self priming wastewater pump
Ductile iron impeller is more wear resistant (T Series)
Two vanes type open impeller has the better sewage discharge performance. The allowed particles diameter is up 76.2mm.
Pump shaft :40CR wear resisting steel has the longer life.
Maximum suction lift is up 7.6m and suck speed is more fast.
The not clogging hole is designed in the lower of the pump inlet. Open the hole and then handle the impurity and adjust the impeller without dismantling the pipeline and pump.
Low rotary speed make the pump run steadily.
Model Caliber Flow rate Head Speed Max allowed solid diameter Suck lift
INCH m3/h m rpm mm m
T/P-3 3 10-100 4-35 650-2150 63.5 1.5-7.6
T/P-4 4 20-150 4-35 650-1950 76.2 1.5-7.6
T/P-6 6 20-300 4-30 650-1550 76.2 2.4-7.6
T/P-8 8 50-550 5-30 650-1350 76.2 2.7-7
T/P-10 10 100-700 5-35 650-1450 76.2 2.1-6.7
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