Tungsten Non-Standard Punch And Die

Tungsten Non-Standard Punch And Die
No. 6th, Sanle East Road, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan, Guangdong, 528000, China


Product Description
With Φ0.2 wire cutting, tolerance can be controlled in ±0.003mm. Outside contour with ±0.002mm. We have three kinds of wires, the diameters are Φ0.2, Φ0.15 and Φ0.1, the smallest radius we can do is R0.07.

Product introductions:
1 Item description
2 Name wire cut Die
3 Process Machine Grinding machine, Sodick Wire cut machine
4 Measuring instruments Projector, Toolmaker Microscope
5 Contour tolerance ±0.001
6 Profile tolerance ±0.002
7 Hole tolerance ±0.003

8 First trial place order Track service, anything is wrong, we will take immediate measures
9 Quotation Once receive RFQ, we will reply you in 2 hours
10 Delivery time 10-20 days after confirm the order
11 Material CF-H40S, RD30,RD50,ASP23, AF1,,etc.
12 Design Non-standard(according to customers' request), Standard
13 Minimum order Products are non-standard parts, one piece is acceptable.
14 Packing Carton, attached Quality Control report
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