YHS Manual diaphragm pump with hand wheel

YHS Manual diaphragm pump with hand wheel
Minhang District, Shanghai, 201108, China
Warranty:1 year
HTS code:8413501090


Working principle for manual diaphragm pump:
Manual diaphragm pump is a non leakage pump, through the manual turbine or hand wheel to promote the synchronous reciprocating movement of the double diaphragm, diaphragm deformation caused by the volume change, and through the import and export one-way valve alternately open and close, in the liquid cavity to form a fluid suction, pressure alternation, so that the liquid will continue to suction and discharge. The pump works with excellent pressure flow automatic regulation characteristics, in the working pressure range can be arbitrarily set pressure, even if the outlet is blocked and the flow is zero, the pump will not be damaged.
Manual diaphragm pump is for low lift, small flow of water lifting operations and consists of pump body, inlet and outlet water pipe, inlet and outlet water valve, diaphragm and push rod etc. The pump body may consist of one or two pump Chambers. A diaphragm pump having two pump Chambers where the diaphragm is arranged in the center of the pump body, or two diaphragms are arranged separately on the outside of two separate pump Chambers. When working, the hand wheel connected with the diaphragm is operated by human hand, pushing the diaphragm to make the reciprocating movement of pressing and opening, so that the volume of two pump cavities expands and shrinks alternately. When the pump chamber expands, the pressure decreases, the inlet valve opens and the outlet valve closes, and water flows into the pump chamber from the inlet pipe. When the pump chamber shrinks, the pressure increases, the inlet valve closes, the outlet valve opens, the water in the pump chamber flows out from the drain pipe, and the two pump Chambers alternately absorb water and discharge water, which can lift 0 ~ 20 tons of water per hour.
Manual diaphragm pump features
Manual diaphragm pump can not only pump the liquid, but also transport some medium which is not easy to flow. The pump has the advantages of self priming pump, canned pump, mud pump and impurity pump and other transport machinery etc.
The pump does not need to use electricity. It is safe and reliable in flammable, explosive place.
The pump is not clogging and good discharge performance. The maximum particle diameter is 10mm for pumped mud, impurities and particles etc;
The head and flow can be realized stepless regulation through hand wheel speed;
The pump has no rotating parts, no shaft seal and no leakage. The pump is specially suitable to pump the toxic, volatile or corrosive medium. No irrigation water is required for the pump. Suction height is 2m, the lift head is 30m, and the output pressure is 2kgf/cm2;
The pump is easy to use by starting or stopping hand wheel and has the reliable work.
The pump has simple structure and less wearing parts and it is easy to install and maintain.
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