Rubber tensile testing equipment

Rubber tensile testing equipment
North of Zhaoyuan Hosital, Zhangqiu District, Jinan, Shandong, 25000, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Testing Equipment


The testing machine is mainly applicable to the test of tensile strength, bonding strength, tear, compression and other properties of elastic coatings and waterproof coatings.
1. This test machine has four test methods:
To measure the force at a certain height, to measure the force at a certain deformation.
Measuring height and deformation with fixed force.
2. One or more test functions can be performed, and up to 5 test points can be set.
3. It can be measured in sections and calculate the stiffness (elastic coefficient) K and the average stiffness of each section.
4. Products can be sampled for inspection or batch test (the mechanical part has batch test tooling.
Test Sample
It is can be used for cable, copper wire, fishing line, nonwoven, paper pellet, plastic, rubber thin steel wire , wire, woven bag etc.

Technical Parameters
Max Test Force: 200N 500N 1000N 2000N 5000N
Type: Single column
Level: 1/0.5 grade
Test Range: 1%-100%FS
Test accuracy :±1% better than the display value
Force resolution: 0.01N 0.1N
Displacement resolution; 0.01mm
Displacement accuracy: ±1% better than the display value
Test stroke: 600mm(can be customized)
Speed Range :1-500mm/min
Displacement speed control accuracy: ±1% better than the display value
Host dimensions(L*W*H): About 500mm*320mm*1450mm
Weight(kg) :About 120
Remark:tensile and compression space can be customized
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