Concrete Compression testing equipment

Concrete Compression testing equipment
North of Zhaoyuan Hosital, Zhangqiu District, Jinan, Shandong, 25000, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Testing Equipment


Main applications:
Microcomputer controlled servo pressure tester is used to determine the compressive strength of brick, stone, concrete and other building materials. This machine is electric hydraulic loading, sensor force measurement, digital display force value, printer printing force value data, and conversion compressive strength.

This test machine conforms to international standards, should manually control the loading speed, and has the load speed indicator device, peak maintenance, overload protection function, is the construction, building materials, highway bridges and other engineering units necessary test and testing equipment.

Main Features:
1.Microcomputer control servo pressure tester using high-precision sensors and computer control, It can automatically control, analysis, storage, access and printing the result test reports.
2.The machine uses rotary screw electric adjustment compression space, greatly speed up the test progress.
3.The machine can be based on the requirements of the unit, self-design reports.
4.Servo pressure testing machine to complete the test process of constant stress control, speed display, data processing, test curve records.

Technical parameters
Max test force 2000KN
Display value accuracy ≤±1% (can reach ±0.5%)
Compression space 0-340mm
Compress plate size Φ300mm (can be customized)
Piston Stroke 50mm
Column spacing 260mm
Loading rate 0.1~25KN/s (digital setting)
Operating temperature 5℃-35℃
Overload protection Ultra full range
Host dimensions Approx. 600x600x1450 (mm)
Oil source dimensions Approx. 1070x650x1400 (mm)
Motor power 0.75kw
Voltage 380V/220V
Weight About 700kg
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